At Fertilis WITHANIA-assisted reproductive center, we have designed the most efficient facility layouts to ensure patient safety and the best birth outcomes. We have invested in the latest and most technologically advanced infrastructure including incubators, Nikon Microscope with Eppendorfmanipulator, the Air Handling Unit that ensures a healthy environment for growing embryos, 4 Dimensional Ultrasound, an electronic alarm system that is fitted with sensors to continuously monitor temperature, humidity, gases associated with key equipment.

We have a highly advanced class 10000 IVF lab, which helps optimize the results of Assisted Reproductive Techniques.

We aim to continue supporting you in your path to pregnancy backed up with cutting-edge technology and the best of our scientific knowledge

Our skilled fertility doctors, embryologists, and our dedicated team of coordinators will be with you right from the start and throughout the process. The ability to give life is a central part of what it means to be an eternal woman. Thus, we at Fertilis withania are delighted to work for fertility and help to make babies.

FERTILIS WITHANIA Assisted Reproductive Technologies IVF Clinic helps humans and a warm approach has always been our trademark and the reason why most of the patients choose us after meeting us on their first visit guests for ART Treatments and enhanced fertility Surgeries. With us, you will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that you are in the right place to realize your dream of being a parenthood.

As FERTILIS WITHANIA assisted reproductive Technologies, we pay special attention to our patients’ social backgrounds, religious beliefs, individual needs, and medical conditions.

Our goal is to help you get pregnant and deliver a healthy baby in as few IVF cycles as possible. We work with people and as such we offer personalized, comfortable, and trustworthy treatment. Our priority is to offer the most complete information possible and resolve any doubts that may arise in the treatments.

Our goal at Fertilis withaniaAssisted Reproductive Technology Centre is to give you the right Knowledge and thus empower you to make the correct decision of your choice for treatment